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College Students in Campus

How fletch works

It's pretty simple. fletch offers a marketplace of college students who will meet with you 1:1 - in person or virtually. You can choose to go on a campus tour or just meet up for a coffee. They are ready to chat with you about campus life from all angles with complete honesty. They are not scripted by the Admissions Office or have any agenda and they don't report back to anyone about what you said or the questions you asked. 


Some high school students will take the "official" tour of campus and then meet up with a fletch guide. Others will just spend time with fletch guides to maximize their visit.


There are 3 types of visits to choose from:

  • in-person campus tour, roughly 45-60 minutes ($35),

  • in-person coffee meet up in person, roughly 30 minutes ($28) 

  • virtual meetup on zoom, roughly 25 minutes ($20)

Some guides may not offer certain types of visits given their schedule or proximity to campus at that time.


Let’s dive into the app! 

  1. Sign up and choose “I want to find a fletch guide” - use the search to find the Guides available at the school you are visiting. 

  2. Read through the profiles and favorite (using the flag icon) the one that’s the best fit for you.

  3. From their profile, go to the messaging section of the app to begin a thread with that Guide. When you do this, the Guide will get an email notification that you want to book them.

  4. Via the messaging section in the platform, choose type of visit, time, date, and location to meet. 

  5. Once you have made a meeting that works for both of you, go back to the Guide's profile, click "Book A Visit", and follow the flow through to the payment processing. The booking won’t be final until you have paid for it. Payment can be made using a credit card via our secure payment processor.


If you can't find a time that works, try booking another guide. All details and payment should be done through the app. This is for your and the Guide’s safety and privacy.


Cancellations are only valid with 24 hours notice. If you need to cancel, contact your guide via the messaging platform on and also send an email to so we can issue a refund. If your Guide has to cancel let us know, we might be able to find you another one on short notice. We want you to have an amazing visit!

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