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FAQ For High School Students/Campus Visitors


You’re visiting colleges and want an inside view from someone like you who can answer anything you ask, honestly. Well, you’ve come to the right place!  Welcome to fletch.


What is fletch?

Fletch is an online matching service that allows high school students to find a college student to meet with for a tour of campus or simply have a conversation over coffee. Students can pick a fletch Guide by searching for someone who has similar interests or hobbies which makes the conversation about the school more interesting and useful. Guides are able to be totally honest with the visiting student. Guides get paid according to the type of visit that the student wants. 


How does fletch work? 

Sign in and create an account on fletch. At the find a Guide section, type in the school you want to learn about - either in person or virtually. You’ll see a list of colleges. Click on the college you want to visit to see the available Guides. (If the school you are visiting doesn’t show up on the list of colleges that means we don’t currently have any Guides on the platform from that school - boo!) From there, read the profiles to decide which Guide seems like the kind of person you’d like to meet and favorite them using the small flag icon. Or favorite several to compare more in depth later. On their page, go to the Messaging section of the site and start a thread with the Guide. Once you’ve started the messaging thread, they will get an email that you want to book with them and to finalize the details including location to meet using the messaging function in the app. Please keep all conversation with the Guide on the platform. Do not share your cell or email with the Guide. (If you want to stay in touch with the Guide after the visit they can share their email and /or cell information with you at their discretion.) After you finalize the details and are ready to book, you’ll need to pay for your Guide. Go back to the Guide’s profile, fill in the date and time, then location and proceed to the payment page. The Guide will be notified by email that you have paid and confirmed the visit. You will see in your dashboard the final details of the visit as pending. Please remember to come back to fletch to provide ratings and reviews for your Guide so others can benefit from your experience. 


What are the Visit types?

There are three visit types - campus tour, coffee meeting 1:1 or virtual session via zoom. Campus tours are roughly 45 minutes depending on the size of the campus. Be prepared to walk around. Even if you have taken the admissions sponsored tour, you may want to take a tour with a fletch Guide too. Many students do. You’ll see things from a different perspective and get one on one time with a student who shares your interests and hobbies so you can learn what those activities and communities are like on campus. You might also do the tour with admissions because the school tracks demonstrated interest, so it’s important to get “credit” for being there. Not all schools track demonstrated interest, you should check this before you decide what kind of visit you want to do. A coffee visit is 30 minutes of one on one “sit down time” to chat informally with your fletch Guide. You’ll pick a meeting spot that’s easy to find and have the opportunity to get an inside view of campus life from your Guide.


How do I pay the fletch Guide that I choose?

We use a payment processor called Paypal that handles all the credit card transactions and keeps it completely secure. It should look like any other checkout where you supply the details of your credit card and quickly move through the payment process. If you have a Paypal account already you can just use that. The Guide will then get their payout directly from fletch.


What if I need to cancel the tour at the last minute?

Use the messaging to notify your fletch Guide that you can’t make it. Also notify us at with the subject line “CANCELLATION”. We cannot refund cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice. If you have given more than 24 hours notice, we will refund the money to the credit card you paid with. If you want to reschedule for the same day but your Guide is not available at that time email us at and we can try to find another Guide for you, but can’t guarantee it with short notice. 


How do I set up a meeting location for the visit?

Because we know that the location where you decide to meet your Guide may change depending on the time of day or day of the week, we wanted this part to be as flexible as possible. Use the messaging section of the webapp to work out with the Guide where to meet on campus. During the payment process you’ll be asked to input the location where you are meeting into an open ended field. You can also use messages to work out any other details for the visit that need to be locked down. For your security and privacy, do not supply the Guide with your personal email or cell. Please keep all visit-related communication on the platform. After your meeting, if you both choose to stay in touch that’s completely up to you.


Can I give feedback on my fletch Guide?

Yes! Please do. Your experience is very important to us. Go back into the webapp to the Guide’s profile and click the Ratings and Reviews button to leave a rating and some comments. Your feedback is really helpful to others and also helps us make sure we are offering the best Guides we can find. Thank you for using fletch!!

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